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The SYSTEM is a highly energy efficient hygrometric system for the production of unlimited quantities of potable water. It produces water from the atmosphere by using the hygrometrical principle of the condensation of invisible vapor in the air. The System can be installed in any temperate or tropical region of the world. Advantages: very low energy expenditure to water produced (2kWh/m3 or 48 kW per 1,000 liters potable H2O/day), uses no chemical treatment of any kind, is adaptable to all alternative energy sources and requires very low maintenance. Suitable for hotels and resorts, hospitals, agriculture, mining sites, oil & gas fields, factories and communities. Standard System water production capacity range; 1k (~33.8K Fl. Oz. US) to 50K liters (~1.69 M. Fl. Oz. US)/day. ISO certified manufacturing. Customization and special installations on request. Sales and licensing opportunities are available.

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Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment

An innovative and effective liquid-waste treatment solution that solves the growing problem of radioactive liquid waste stored at nuclear reactor sites.

This cost efficient and environmentally safe treatment processes 100% of the liquid radioactive waste, treats and reduces it to 3% of the original waste by volume. This patented method eliminates organic compounds present in radionuclide-contaminated oil and effluents containing a wide range of hazardous chemicals.

The technology is a three-stage microbiological process that transforms radioactive oils, solvents and effluents into three by-products: water, carbon dioxide and oil-free sludge. At the end of the process the sludge is dried and placed in a shielded container ready to be safely transported to a storage facility. After treatment and drying, the total amount of solid residue is between 0.16 and 0.3% of the original amount, by weight – this results in a significant waste reduction compared to other current processes. The other by-product of the process is perfectly safe industrial water ready for re-use. The system has been installed and successfully field tested at various nuclear installations in France.

This patented process and technology is also adaptable to other industries dealing with toxic chemical or other liquid waste. In its basic configuration, the unit can be scaled to process up to 1,000 liters of radioactive oil and/or 10,000 liters of other radioactive liquid waste per day. Units can also be customized to client specifications. Direct sales and/or international market licensing is available. For more information, please contact:

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